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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

I record my tears trail

If at that time I did not know and meet with you
maybe ... I could be happy with someone else
but .. I can not leave you to remain strong
when I really love you

It is difficult to re-start my pieces broken love
when you present the love that brought a million other
which you scatter through all the fantasy and dreams
and now is now only a memory is left

I promised to my dressing this wound when my own tears that exploded
and I record all traces of my tears and then I sink back
what has been a while since I went through the good times with you
and lost in time who never missed every second

But I admit that I was wrong to love you
I had one fall in love with you
I had one like you
I have to be the best one for you

Should I stick with my ego
were you there do not know what I feel
I miss you fear any
then you're going to leave me

All the hope and dream of the approaching
now nearly faded as my folly
I'm tired of all that you do
and all your sweet words

love does not recognize the word
but I believe there are hidden behind the magic of love
and sure would love a true
I probably will someday find

thank you love, you have given me a million many dreams that never delivered to the real, and I'll find another love that will make me, happy without you beside me
(October 28, 2011)

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